Hello there! Thanks for taking the time to swing by. I'm glad you did and I hope you stick around for a good long while.

I'm Sarah, wife to Yeng and mom to Madeline and Titus. I confess don't know much about life, but here's what I do know: we've all got something to share and learn from one another.

We just don't do much of either.

I want that to change. I know it's a crazy idea, but hear me out before you leave: If I tell you about myself--the rough edges, the less-than-glorious days in my book--will you find the courage to tell me your story? Because you have a special one, one that God gave you and wants you to be telling others.

Of course you're gonna look bad. And your skeletons don't look any prettier out of the closet than they do in it. But it's only in the telling of our messy stories that He gets the glory for being the great God He is. God's power can only be seen next to our weakness. If our messy stories can bring someone to Jesus, then we need to be telling everyone about them! And that's worth a lesson in humility, right?

So let's tell each other our stories. Let's laugh at how young and stupid we were (and are) and hail to the glory days ahead. Don't fret if you're not ready to spill your beans yet. I'll go first and pray you'll find the courage to join me.

With a God like ours, we could move mountains, you and I.

So let's move mountains.

yours very truly,