Tuesday, December 22, 2015

the caged bird doesn't really sing

This has probably been the scariest year of my life. I finally kicked my fake self out on the streets and told her to scram. I finally started saying no to my fears--and yes to God.

No more people-pleasing and perfectionism. No more trying to keep my life together. No more being scared of not fitting the mold. Just learning to love Jesus and allowing His love to change me, even if that means looking like a messed-up fool to everyone else (newborn foal trying to walk over here).

That last part is the hardest part. My pride won't surrender itself that easily. Eowyn said it best: "I fear a cage." A cage I will be put in if I don't fit in. A cage I want to avoid, so I do my best to be like everyone else.

Maybe you fear a cage, too. You would rather fit in than stick out, so you go with the flow, get washed out, and turn up beat on some beach to dry out...Which, at the end of it all, you realize was a cage in itself.

Your life is too precious to be swept up and carried away by the current. Your life is worth more than that.

Friend, a new year is coming. I want to leave you with the message God's pressed into my heart so firmly this year.

Set the pace for your life.

Define what success looks like in your life. Break out of the mold. Live out your passions. Be honest about who you are and the life you live. People don't have to like you for it (chances are many won't). Love Jesus and be unapologetically bold with the goal to be someone you're proud of.
Be someone you're proud of. [tweet]

I'm on a journey toward letting my life be a living testimony of God's power. I pray that if I show you how broken I am, you'll find the courage to show me how broken you are, and that in our brokenness, we could be brave together.

to make Jesus known,