Saturday, November 21, 2015

when Gandalf believes

I remember when my mom and dad told me that I would one day be a better parent than they were. I remember cringing for two reasons:

One, I thought they were perfect. I knew they had flaws, but my die-hard love for them minimized their weaknesses.

And two, I couldn't imagine being better parents than they were. What in the world would I do differently?

Now as I look back, I shake my head at young me and I look at my parents with even deeper respect than before. Wishing your kids greater success than your own? That takes a lot of humility. But it sows some darn good seeds in those little hearts.

I've been sharing attributes I want to cultivate as a mom. In addition to investing in my kids without constraint, empowering my kids without fear definitely makes the list.

When my parents looked at chubby, pre-pubescent me and told me I was going to be a greater person than they are, it was pretty much like Gandalf telling Bilbo he was going to be a robber on the most epic journey of the century (which led to the next most epic journey of the century, of course).

The great wizard chose to believe in an ordinary hobbit--and that made all the difference.

While we aren't ageless, fantastical beings, we still yield that kind of life-changing power.

Our belief in our kids makes a difference in their life.

When we nurture their passions we encourage them to reach for their dreams.

When we enable them to use their God-given gifts for Kingdom work we show them they are valuable.

When believe in them, equip them to discover the world, and release them to do so, we allow them to chase God personally.

And as we watch them go, whether to day-care or abroad, when we entrust our children to the Lord, they learn to make their faith their own. Our God becomes Lord of their life, His heart at home in theirs.
Our belief in our kids makes a difference in their life. [tweet]
God has wonderful plans in store for our kids. Let the journey of the century begin.

with much love,