Tuesday, November 24, 2015

mama needs a time-out

Today was one of those days you don't like to admit you have.

One of those days when you punish your kids out of anger . . . when you let the TV watch the kids . . . when you catch yourself making pathetic excuses for your inexcusable behavior.

One of those days.

It wasn't the first time I said it, but it was the first time I actually heard the words leaving my mouth: "It's because I haven't had my quiet time today."

I was frustrated with Madeline and fuming when that thought popped up. And though I've said it many times before, this time the Spirit didn't let me off the hook.

Of course I need time with God every day; but whether or not I had quiet time with God, I was still in control of the decisions I made. And I was making poor decisions.

My excuse was unacceptable.
Devotions mean nothing if I'm relying on a practice, not God, to save me. [tweet]
After some thought, I realized that my failure to honor God with my parenting came from my failure to recognize the battleground: my heart.

For some reason, I thought: quiet time = victorious living. But in reality: clinging to God = victorious living.

I thought I needed my quiet time in order overcome the enemy. (I don't.) I thought my quiet time set the tone for my day. (It doesn't.) I thought that if I had my quiet time I would be a God-glorifying machine. (

Quiet time helps. It gives me a chance to give God my undivided attention. But it is not what I need.

The truth is:
I need God in order to overcome the enemy.
My attitude towards God sets the tone for my day.
My reliance on God brings Him glory.

Devotions mean nothing if I'm relying on a practice, not God, to save me.

My hope is that we learn to pray through every high and low and believe God means it when He says He cares about everything in our lives.

clinging with you,