Friday, November 20, 2015

gung-ho mama

I read once that we don't get to pick and choose when we get to be parents. We are always parents.

When Madeline throws up for the sixth time in a row.
When Titus needs to cuddle at 2am...3am...4am...5am...
When the kids turn the entire bathroom into a bathtub.
When I'm exhausted and cranky and haven't had any time to myself and am losing my mind and patience--

I am still a parent.

That means I've got responsibilities. That means those little lives I brought into existence are still under my stewardship, even when I've got nothing left to give.

Knowing that sometimes makes me want to cry, because goodness do I know: it gets hard. So. Hard.

God promises us an abundance of grace. As hard as it gets, through tears and screams, let's take that grace, cling to it, and fight as hard as we can to be parents who give their kids their best. The kind of parents who embrace the chaos of parenthood.

This means we're face-to-face with our kids, establishing a family rhythm of open and honest dialog: from us to them and from them to us.

This means we're hand-in-hand with our kids, showing them how to love, serve, and give.

I know how hard it gets, raising the little humans we brought into the world. I know what it feels like to want to quit, run away, and disappear.

Our little humans need us, and we can't bear the burden of their need alone. Our little humans need us, and we need God if we hope to support their need.

So take a breath. Turn the TV on for the kids and take a time out for yourself. Hide in the bathroom. Get somewhere alone for two minutes. Have a breakdown. Get it all out. Then ask for strength to press on.

Do this once, do it twice, do it every time you need God to intervene.

He's intervening, I promise. Even with your kids screaming in the background, He's moving. Even with the endless bills, He's fighting for you. Bear through the wilderness with me.

in this together,