Wednesday, November 25, 2015

quiet time is overrated

Ready for some graphic content?

I wash Madi's bottom after she poops. It saves on wipes which saves on money--and sometimes that's the bottom line.

On more than one occasion, I've caught myself thinking, "Why am I doing this? This is disgusting." What I really mean is: "Why am I doing this? I'm too good for butt washing."

Each time I catch myself saying that, I immediately think to Jesus washing his disciples' feet. And I shake my head at my prideful self, because I have just deemed myself worthier than Christ.

Too worthy to clean poop.
Too worthy to serve.

Here I am, doing what a mama has to do and complaining because I don't get a gold star for it. And there's Jesus, doing what he doesn't have to do without complaining because He's doing it for the good of his disciples.

I can't get over my oh-so-impressive self to serve my little girl with a God-glorifying attitude.

That's a cold slap to the face.

I can be a mom who invests in her kids, empowers them, connects honestly with others, endures all things faithfully, and prays diligently--but I still miss the mark if I'm not a mom who walks humbly with God.
Our conviction in His goodness brings abundance to our lives and the abundance of our lives brings others to His goodness. [tweet]
My hope for us is that our most passionate prayer is not to become parents who do great things, but parents who love a great Person.

Loving Jesus gives us the grace to embrace 5am mornings, enjoy ten-minute naps, appreciate washable paint, and laugh at our perpetual lack of punctuality.

Loving Jesus gives us courage to push onward as we hold onto God's promises.

Loving Jesus gives God glory amidst the mayhem of our lives.

It's our conviction in His goodness that brings abundant richness to our lives, and it's the abundant richness of our lives that draws others to His goodness.

in this together,