Thursday, October 22, 2015

that dusty book on the shelf

Earlier this week I started talking about five core elements that keep me grounded. Today I want to share a second element, one that I easily overlook: the authority of the Word in my life.

Between making sporting events and music recitals to worrying about the future of our kids, it's challenging to make time to be in the Word. Eventually, it loses its influence in our lives as we push it completely out of our lives (guilty of this one more than once). Truth that needs to be speaking life into our lives (2 Tim. 3:16-17, Matt. 4:4) is forgotten.

God's Word is the basis of how we understand and perceive the world. It provides "the answers to our deepest questions," and "the food for [our] most desperate hunger"1. It influences, whether we know it or not, the ways we relate to our spouse and raise our kids.

The Bible gives us access to God's heart: His purpose, His passion, and His call. We can't cut the Bible from our lives and hope there won't be any consequences. Reading it, knowing it, and living by it allow the Spirit to do His good work in our lives.

This past summer I've added to reading the Bible memorizing passages. I give each passage of Scripture a week to commit to memory. I write out the verses throughout the day as I have time (I find that this is an activity that's easy to pick up and put down with the kids running around) and then I recite them orally while I nurse Titus (I make an effort not to bring my phone with me to feedings--harder than it seems!).

There's no method to picking Bible verses to memorize. I pick passages that I like, and over the course of the week, I think hard about why those verses mean so much to me. As simple as this sounds, doing so has added more depth to even my favorite passages.

Since having kids, there's been a lot of good truths I've forgotten--about God, about who He says I am, about the greater purpose of life. Maybe you're in the same boat. Read just a page--a chapter, a paragraph, a verse--of the Bible. Today. Remember those truths, reclaim those truths, and live boldly in light of those truths.


1 Biography of the Bible: Its Character, Authorship, Text, Translation and Influence on the Evolution of Mankind, Bates, p. 52