Tuesday, October 20, 2015

making room for God

Once upon a time lived quiet mornings and coffee dates. They loved their predictable and neat existence with their well-organized human. As they were waiting for their human one day, they noticed the sun rise . . . and set . . . with no sign of her.

Mamas and papas alike are in need of some good ol' TLC. But honestly, between work, marriage, and kids, it's hard to remember what we need to keep us going.

I've done a lot of thinking about life and what fuels the mind, body and spirit. Five things come to mind when it comes to self-care: God's presence in our lives, the Bible's level of influence over us, the nature of the person, the purpose of family, and the reality of grace.

Taking care of each aspect, even just a little, results in some much-needed TLC. TLC keeps us sane for our little humans. This post covers the first of these things: God's role in our lives.

God loves us and wants to be an important part of our lives. He'll knock on our door and send us messages, but He won't barge in unless we let Him. When's the last time He got your attention?

God not only sees our struggle to be Christ-like spouses and parents, He wants to help us get there. God sustains us when coffee, tea, and chocolate have run their courses. He's the quiet strength that holds us when we're tempted to call it quits and run away. His faithfulness meets us in our need and provides for us immeasurably more.

If we let Him.

Friends, we've got a lot on our plates. Our efforts to be the spouses and parents we want to be can only be made better when we invite God into our lives.

The next time God comes knocking, invite Him in. I bet He'd stay for dinner.