Monday, October 19, 2015

for the lovers of doing

Some of us (ahem, yours truly) only have one gear: go. We do lots of things most of the time. We fight the need for rest. And more often than not, we only stop when we crash (concrete evidence for Newton's law of motion!).

In my BC (before children) years, I equated resting with wasting. Imagine me running at a full sprint (I know: part of me is laughing, too). Throw something at me: exams, cooking, deadlines, snow, you name it--nothing could stop me.

I ran with such an indomitable force that nearly every external force trying to slow me down barely grazed the surface of my being. I was untouchable.

Now imagine this: I'm running full sprint and God tosses a kid at me. She dangles off my neck,  making it harder to run, but I'm still going. God tosses another kid at me. He clings to my back and I have to adjust my speed, but still I'm still going. God tosses a third kid at me. She lands right in my lap and hooks one arm around each leg. I go down. Wide-eyed, skinned-knees, and throbbing wrists  d o w n .

Hitting rock bottom is an ugly fall. Can anyone else relate?

There's a story in Luke 10:38-42 that's written just for us doers. Jesus visits Martha and Mary. Martha runs around getting everything "just right" and Mary sits chatting with Jesus.

Martha tells Jesus to get Mary to help. Jesus tells Martha that Mary's doing the only important thing at the moment: Enjoying His presence.

Anyone cringing at the thought of sitting and talking? It sounds so . . . unproductive.

As much as I would prefer to ignore it, the truth of the matter is this: we can worship God by doing, but we've also gotta worship God by being. Meditative practices are for every Christian, regardless of temperament.

Out of blatant obedience (admittedly, there's been little heart involved), I've been spending my mornings in quiet meditation. I can't deny the outcome: being with Jesus makes a difference.

Reflecting, reading the Word, journaling, writing out passages of Scripture, and studying the Bible. They're definitely not as exciting as I'd like, but they set the pace for my day which in turn sets the pace for my family's day.

You know what they say: The days are long but the years are short. And those years won't count if the days don't.

So here's to  s l o o o o o o w i n g  myself down to spend some quality time with Jesus. So that I'm reminded of what matters most so that I can better soak in every moment of this once-in-a-lifetime life.

in this together,