Wednesday, October 21, 2015

waiting for here

The real world.

So mysterious and evasive the thought of living in it sent chills down my spine.

The real world.

My teachers were preparing me to enter it. My church leaders were guiding me to be a light for it. My parents were sheltering me from it.

Whatever the real world was, one day I would enter it, and my life would finally begin.

As much as I was being morphed into some strategic tool for "the real world," I didn't know much about it. As far as I was concerned (and taught) "the real world" was some existence "out there" that I would one day enter.

No one ever defined when that one day would be, or how I would know when it arrived. Things would just happen, I suppose I supposed, and I would just know--because no one misses the entrance to "the real world," right?

It wasn't until halfway through college that someone finally dispelled the myth of "the real world" (call me a late bloomer, I wouldn't blame you). And thank God he dispelled it! The truth he spoke made my life right then and there and from there on all the more worth it.

"You keep living as though you weren't living in the real world," he said. I was living as though the real world was coming, when, in fact, it was already here. It was now.

All my life I'd anticipated the day I would enter "the real world." That would be the day the life I'd been practicing for up until this point would truly begin.

Friends, this is it. We're living a real life in the real world.

That pile of dishes, unmade bed, stack of papers, and crusted food fossil on the floor? The real world. Those roads traveled, secrets whispered, and late nights? The real world.

If no one's said it to you yet: Welcome to the real world! Life doesn't get any more real than the joys, heartaches, laughter, and struggles that have marked our lives from the beginning of time.

At this point, everything felt a little bittersweet. Bitter in that I had been dreaming of the glamorous (and yes, perfect) life I'd have in "the real world." But sweet in that the wait for "the real world" was over.

We're living it. This is it.

So if you haven't already, start living the life you want. Start making moments count. Relish the missing socks and crayoned walls and cold coffee.

Right now life might not look like you want it to, but right now is where you are.  L i v e . One day we'll look back and see how God took our mess and made it our message.